Awards. it's always nice when your work is being honoured. it's even nicer when clients have placed their trust in you. Here is a list of the awards I have received while working in agencies and on my own projects.

2017  ADC Schweiz I Bronze I Category Outdoor – Passugger

2017  Aufnahme in der permanenten Plakatsammlung des MfGZ / Zhdk – Passugger

2017  ADC Schweiz I Gold I Category Print, Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

2017  Anzeige des Jahres Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

2017  D&AD Wood Pencil I Press Advertising Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

2018  ADC*E I Silver & Member Club Gold Award – Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

2018  Clio Award Shortlist, Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move 

2020  Red Dot Design Award – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design

2020 Represented by Pentaward Productdesign – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design

2022  Gold Bester Kochbuchpreis: Taste of Love by Zineb Hattab

2023  Gourmand Award Winner Woman Chefs   “Taste of Love” by Zineb Hattab

2023  Aufnahme in der permanenten Plakatsammlung des MfGZ / Zhdk – Sacchi Bar Art

2023  Shortlist ADC 102ND ANNUAL AWARDS - Book Design: Taste of Love

2023  Swiss Gourmet Book Award, GOLD for Taste of Love by Zineb Hattab

2023  ADC GLOBAL Shortlist for Taste of Love by Zineb Hattab

About. After I completed my education as a graphic designer with a Swiss certificate of proficiency, I worked in a number of international and national branding and advertising agencies and collaborated on numerous projects. I have concentrated on brand design and illustrations, crafting unique solutions that deliver communication that truly catches the eye. In addition, I personally look after clients who want me to create designs or illustrations for them. Since 2024, I am the Design Director and Founder of WECATCH Creative Agency.

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Mitglied des Berufsverband und Netzwerk der Schweizer Grafikdesigner. SGD

Clients for which DG Creative has already realized beautiful projects independently or in teams.
Allianz Suisse, NIVEA, AT Verlag, Andros Schweiz, Aybar Import, ClearChannel, 20min, Scout&Source, Sacchi Bar, Plant Based by Zizi hattab, Soul Food by Aris, Yoga Journaling, WiWa Gartenbau, Tina Sturzenegger Fotografie, UBS Schweiz, Coop, Tropical Mountains

Agencys. Prophet, Franz et René, Meta Design, Ogilvy Zürich, SirMary, Branders, Farner Consulting, Walker Agency, Nueva, Rosarot, Sofies Kommunikationsdesign, SalzWater, Prophet, Valencia Kommunikation.

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