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Ciao! I am Delia Guerriero. Designer, Art Director and Illustrator
I’m a Swiss / Italian designer and illustrator from Zurich Switzerland, both for agencies and for my own clients.
Contact: +41796657176 /

Contact: +41796657176 /


Client WiWa Gartenbau
Year 2020
Skills Design & Artdirection

WiWa Gartenbau

Two gardeners - one passion:
WiWa Ag Gartenbau plans, builds and maintains gardens in the Zurich Unterland area. The two founders are behind the play on words: "Wi" stands for Tobias Wigger and "Wa" for Rinaldo Walser.

Idea / Realization
The logo is built up as a figurative and word mark. I made sure to create an independent figurative mark and a good mixture of fonts that represent the craft of the two founders. The figurative mark also becomes a signet and can be used together with the slogan "Garden Life" on the applications. The design and colour scheme runs through everything from stationery to work clothes and company cars. I also implemented a design manual for WiWa AG Gartenbau.


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