Print Design

Client Kein&Aber Verlag
Year 2017
Agency Walker Agency Zurich
Skills Graphic Design & Illustration

Authors Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler have written the book "50 Success Models - a small handbook for strategic decisions", published by Kein&Aber. The practical book helps in challenging situations to take the right path and avoid troublesome mistakes with unfortunate consequences. We have drawn attention to this with the simplest of means.

Idea / Realization
When we thought of the subject of the book, President Trump came to mind. His decisions are a mystery to many and not always entirely understandable. President Trump believes he has a plan. A plan that will make the world love him. All he has to do now is make the right decisions. For this, I designed a flowchart for him, which is supposed to help the president make the right decisions. Small illustrations and icons guide the reader through the chart and serve to put themselves in Donald Trump's shoes in a humorous way.


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