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Ciao! I am Delia Guerriero. Designer, Art Director and Illustrator
I’m a Swiss / Italian designer and illustrator from Zurich Switzerland, both for agencies and for my own clients.
Contact: +41796657176 /

Contact: +41796657176 /


Client Tamedia
Year 2019
Skills Design, Artdirection & Illustration

Agency Done at Sirmary AG
Copy Tobias Röben

Tamedia wanted to sell more online subscriptions to its most important daily newspapers. The message was: "Read three months, pay two months". For this, possible facts of events that could take place in the near future were gathered.

Idea / Realization To set the scene for the facts, I designed and illustrated various icons and themes. Each daily newspaper was also given its own color world. I then designed the resolution of the facts in the same design on the back page. The facts were not only shown on the 20 Minuten magazine, but also as animated social ads and digital ads, as well as static images on the corresponding websites of the various newspapers.


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