Client Aris Guzman / Soul Food by Aris
Year 2023
Skills Conception, Art Direction, Design & Illustration

Aris Guzman stands for Caribbean comfort food. She came to Switzerland as a teenager and completed an apprenticeship as a chef. In 2019, she set up her own business and founded Soul Food by Aris. The gastro-entrepreneur has organised numerous events and written a cookbook over the past few years. Aris specialises in vegan cuisine. She does gastro-consulting, runs a catering business, offers cooking classes and develops new products. Besides that, she has a micro-bakery where she bakes banana bread, guava apple crumble and much more. DG Creative was responsible for the entire brand design up to the design of the website. In addition to playful illustrations that showcase Caribbean and vegan cuisine in a humorous way, the website presents Aris' offerings and also includes a shop and registration for her cooking classes. Click here for the website:
Aris decided then to create a new chocolate for the new year which she produced together with Premium Swiss Chocolate GmbH - Taucherli. White chocolate with Mango, Guave and Ananas and vegan? This is possible!
Aris wanted me to design the packaging for it and as a thank you I received a portion of pleasure as a gift from Aris, which I can now sent to my clients, family and friends. Together with the postcards, they are on their way to the epicures. It is once again very nice to see when completely different people cooperate with each other. A beautiful project is created!


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