In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by thousands of messages. How appropriate that your brand should have a recognition value that surprises! DG Creative creates these values - across a wide range of applications.

Brand Design

Brand design services include the design of basic elements such as logo, business cards, stationery, websites, packaging and other media. We ensure that each element fits the brand and leaves a lasting impression.

In addition, we offer the creation of a brand design guideline. This serves as a guideline for the consistent use of the brand elements. This ensures a consistent and professional brand presence.

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Soul Food by Aris ︎︎︎

Yoga Journaling ︎︎︎

Tropical Mountains ︎︎︎

Restaurant DAR ︎︎︎
Scout&Source ︎︎︎
Coaching To Rise ︎︎︎

Print Design

The design of print media such as brochures, flyers, posters, packaging, books and much more is part of our print design services. We attach great importance to an appealing and memorable design. At the same time, it is important: how does the paper feel? How does it feel in the hand? Can we work with elements such as reflective materials? This should optimally convey the client's brand message. In addition, we also take technical aspects into account so that the final product can be implemented perfectly.

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Taste of Love by Zineb Hattab ︎︎︎
Trumping for Love ︎︎︎
Yoga Journaling Booklet Design ︎︎︎
Restaurant DAR Menu Card Design ︎︎︎

Digital Design

In the field of digital design, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your brand is optimally presented online. We design, implement and develop attractive and user-friendly websites, realise e-commerce solutions and develop social media campaigns.

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Yoga Journaling Website Design ︎︎︎
Soul Food by Aris Website Design ︎︎︎
Beyer Chronometrie Website Design ︎︎︎

Packaging Design

Our packaging design is functional and at the same time shapes the brand experience. The selection of materials and finishes that underline the quality and value of the products is particularly important to us. We help our customers to differentiate their products in the market and to bind customers through a well thought-out packaging design.

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Tropical Mountains ︎︎︎

Soul Food by Aris ︎︎︎

Art Direction

We oversee and coordinate the creative direction of a project, develop the concept and lead a team of creatives to successfully realise the project. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that the common thread runs through the entire project.

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Nives Schmuckatelier Shooting ︎︎︎

Taste of Love Shooting ︎︎︎
Yoga Journaling Shooting ︎︎︎


Whether it's editorial illustration, book covers, infographics or custom branding illustrations, DG Creative makes sure that the visual representation of our clients' message is on point.

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Taste of Love ︎︎︎
Nivea Limited Edition ︎︎︎
Andros Schweiz Superfrüchte ︎︎︎
Restaurant DAR ︎︎︎


Clients for which DG Creative has already realized beautiful projects independently or in teams:

AT Verlag, Andros Schweiz, NIVEA, ClearChannel, 20min,  Scout&Source, Sacchi Bar, Plant Based by Zizi hattab, Restaurant KLE/DAR, Soul Food by Aris, Yoga Journaling, WiWa Gartenbau, Coaching to rise, Nives Schmuckatelier, Preite Weine, Tina Sturzenegger Fotografie, UBS Schweiz, Minds&Heart, ZVV, Coop, Tropical Mountains

Franz et René, Meta Design, Ogilvy Zürich, SirMary, Branders, Farner Consulting, Walker Agency, Nueva, Rosarot, Sofies Kommunikationsdesign, SalzWater, Prophet, Stefanie Huber



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