︎ My heart beats for good design, especially typography and illustration, both digital and analogue.
I use this passion daily to give my design-concepts an independent expression. This creates individual solutions for each customer - communication that truly catches the eye.

Service: Art Direction / Brand Identity / Corporate Design / Logo Design / Graphic Design / Packaging Design / Label Design / Webdesign + UI / Online Performance / Illustration / Photography

Delia Guerriero

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︎︎︎Selected Work

Brand Identity/ Packaging DesignCorporate Design
︎︎︎WiWa Gartenbau
Corporate Design
︎︎︎Yolanda Gottardi
Corporate Design & Webdesign


My Philosophy


I firmly believe that especially nowadays, handmade things stand out again. They give us a feeling of warmth in a hypothermic, digital world.
That is why I like to pick up the pencil myself in order to give each design concept a completely independent expression. This way, each brand gets something special from me.

In summer 2014, I completed my education as a graphic designer with a Swiss certificate of proficiency. I was then working in a number of international and national branding and advertising agencies and collaborated on numerous projects. In addition, I personally look after clients who want me to create designs or illustrations for them.

Even as a child I observed the world around me and put it down on paper with a great eye for detail.

My stylistic spectrum ranges from brightly colored to black and white, from elegant to cheeky, and from charmingly quiet to loud. I like to present small things big and lively and big things small and fine. By emphasizing certain details, I make sure that even everyday things become exciting.
Meanwhile, my experiences as an Art Director helps my illustrations to work not only visually but also conceptually.


  • Interbrand CEE Zürich 2014/15
  • Valencia Basel 2015/16
  • Walker Agency Zürich 2017/18
  • SiRMaRY Zürich 2018/20
  • Werbekanzlei Zürich 21/21
  • Freelance 2020/Today


  • 2017 I ADC Schweiz I Bronze I Category
    Outdoor – Passugger

  • 2017 I Aufnahme in der permanenten Plakatsammlung des MfGZ /
    Zhdk – Passugger

  • 2017 I ADC Schweiz I Gold I Category Print, Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move
  • 2017 I Anzeige des Jahres
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move
  • 2018 I D&AD Wood Pencil I Press Advertising
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2018 I ADC*E I Silver & Member Club Gold Award – Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2018 I Clio Award Shortlist
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move
    2020 I Red Dot Design Award – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design

  • 2020 I Represented by Pentaward Productdesign – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design


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