Client Yolanda Gottardi
Year 2020/21
Skills Brand Design, Concept, Webdesign & Illustration

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Coaching to Rise by Yolanda Gottardi

Yolanda Gottardi accompanies, develops and advises companies in order to get ahead, to make more of themselves and to always keep their goals in mind.
The corporate design is aimed at individual companies and was developed personally for Yolanda Gottardi. The aim was to create a timeless signet and to incorporate the claim "coaching to rise" as a concept into the logo. Later, the corporate design should not only stand for Yolanda Gottardi herself, but for the whole team. The claim "coaching to rise" makes you think of the rise of companies.

It was therefore important to incorporate ascending and formative forms into the design of the logo, which represent Yolanda Gottardi and her achievements.

Idea / Realization The basis for the design of the logo were the two initials "Y" and "G", which merged into one another during the design concept. Basic forms from the world of plants were used, because even companies have to be cared for like plants. The result of the design: the curved shape of the "Y" stands for growth and the "G" for steadfastness.

The new colour scheme ensures a fresh appearance:
The individual colours were derived from the times of day: twilight, dawn and sunrise. Together with a mountain world they form the characteristic colour palette. The colours help the corporate design to present itself both seriously and playfully. In the finished layout with font they create a dynamic mix.


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