Client Aybar-Import
Year 2023
Skills Conception, Art Direction, Design

Featured at World Design Society

Aybar Import Crafting a Premium Brand with Sun-Powered Caribbean Stories

In an era of global connectivity and culinary exploration, Aybar Import is a testament to authenticity and quality. It’s not just a company that transports avocados from Cambita San Cristóbal to European plates. It’s a brand that tells a story, a story that spans continents, cultures and histories.

Our journey begins in the lush green landscapes of Cambita San Cristóbal. Avocados grow here with the greatest of care. Deiby Aybar is more than a farmer. He is the cornerstone of this story. He ensures that each avocado tells a story of dedication, love and impeccable quality by working closely with local farmer.

The mission? To position Aybar Import as a premium brand in the fruit import sector. The result is an elegant logo that carries weight and meaning. The delicately designed “A” encapsulates the brand’s global reach, symbolising the avocado’s journey and reflecting the brand’s global aspirations.

The challenge was to translate this radiant story into a brand. The logo’s elegant “A” serves a dual purpose. Its design is more than a representation of Aybar; it is an intricate bridge between Europe and the Caribbean, representing a bond fostered by commerce and passion.

The path within the “A” isn’t just a design element; it resembles a path that winds around the globe, symbolising the journey of our produce – from sun-drenched Caribbean orchards to European tables hungry for authenticity and quality. The chosen colours, directly inspired by the hues of our avocados, are a visual symphony of nature, authenticity and the vibrant Caribbean spirit.

Adding another layer to this intricate branding tapestry is the collaboration with Midjourney. The portraits, showcasing a woman from the Dominican Republic, play a pivotal role. They breathe life into the brand, adding a touch of warmth and humanity. Far from clichés, these images celebrate the Dominican culture, capturing its spirit without narrowing it down to stereotypical portrayals. They strike a delicate balance, ensuring that while the brand’s roots are celebrated, the woman remains an emblem of strength, diversity, and mystery, much like the region she represents.

And as our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for authentic, story-driven branding solutions like this is paramount. Companies that want to bridge cultures and offer authentic experiences need branding that resonates, and Aybar Import is a shining example of this solution in action.

In essence, Aybar Import is more than a brand. It’s a narrative of fruits and veggies, imbued with the energy and warmth of the Caribbean sun. It’s about Deiby’s dream, the land’s bounty, and the unparalleled taste and quality that only sun-powered, genuine care can bring.

In a world craving authenticity, Aybar Import shines bright, reminding us of the magic that happens when nature, passion, and dedication come together under the benevolent Caribbean sun.


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