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My Philosophy


I firmly believe that especially nowadays, handmade things stand out again. They give us a feeling of warmth in a hypothermic, digital world.

That is why I like to pick up the pencil myself in order to give each design concept a completely independent expression. This way, each brand gets something special from me.

In summer 2014, I completed my education as a graphic designer with a Swiss certificate of proficiency. I was then working in a number of international and national branding and advertising agencies and collaborated on numerous projects. In addition, I personally look after clients who want me to create designs or illustrations for them.

Even as a child I observed the world around me and put it down on paper with a great eye for detail.

My stylistic spectrum ranges from brightly colored to black and white, from elegant to cheeky, and from charmingly quiet to loud. I like to present small things big and lively and big things small and fine. By emphasizing certain details, I make sure that even everyday things become exciting.
Meanwhile, my experiences as an Art Director helps my illustrations to work not only visually but also conceptually.


  • Gestalterischer Vorkurs 2009/10
  • Fachklasse Grafik EFZ Zürich 2010/2014
  • Interaction Design bei INTERACTIV DOCK Zürich 2020


  • Interbrand CEE Zürich 2014/15
  • Valencia Basel 2015/16
  • Walker Agency Zürich 2017/18
  • SiRMaRY Zürich 2018/20
  • Werbekanzlei Zürich 21/21
  • Freelance 2020/Today

Since 2022 I’m represented as Illustrator by VisualEyesArtist


Andros Schweiz, NIVEA, Tamedia,  Scout&Source, Sacchi Bar, Restaurant KLE/DAR, Soul Food by Aris, Yoga Journaling, WiWa Gartenbau, Coaching to rise, Nives Schmuckatelier, Preite Weine, Tina Sturzenegger Fotografie, UBS Schweiz

Franz et René, Meta Design, Ogilvy Zürich, SirMary, Branders, Farner Consulting, Walker Agency, Nueva, Rosarot, Sofies Kommunikationsdesign, SalzWater, Prophet


  • 2017 I ADC Schweiz I Bronze I Category
    Outdoor – Passugger

  • 2017 I Aufnahme in der permanenten Plakatsammlung des MfGZ /
    Zhdk – Passugger

  • 2017 I ADC Schweiz I Gold I Category Print, Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2017 I Anzeige des Jahres
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2018 I D&AD Wood Pencil I Press Advertising
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2018 I ADC*E I Silver & Member Club Gold Award – Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move

  • 2018 I Clio Award Shortlist
    Kein&Aber, Trump's Next Move 2020 I Red Dot Design Award – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design

  • 2020 I Represented by Pentaward Productdesign – Tropical Mountains Packaging Design

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