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Unique brand experiences for exceptional clients.
DG Creative is a boutique design studio specialising in the design of innovative brands.



︎ A forward-thinking studio in the heart of Zurich.
We craft unique solutions that deliver communication that truly catches the eye.


Clients for which DG Creative has already realized beautiful projects independently or in teams:
AT Verlag, Andros Schweiz, Aybar Import, NIVEA, ClearChannel, 20min,  Scout&Source, Sacchi Bar, Plant Based by Zizi hattab, Restaurant KLE/DAR, Soul Food by Aris, Yoga Journaling, WiWa Gartenbau, Coaching to rise, Nives Schmuckatelier, Preite Weine, Tina Sturzenegger Fotografie, UBS Schweiz, Minds&Heart, Coop, Tropical Mountains

Franz et René, Meta Design, Ogilvy Zürich, SirMary, Branders, Farner Consulting, Walker Agency, Nueva, Rosarot, Sofies Kommunikationsdesign, SalzWater, Prophet

Newest Project:

Book Design for
Chef Zizi Hattab.

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Over the years we have honed our approach through experience. We strive to work hand-in-hand with our clients to achieve their goals and manage their projects efficiently. Creativity thrives when trust is built between parties - after all, we are all working for the good of our brand. By being part of a wide network, we are able to cover all the bases.


Before we start working, we ask quite a few questions:

What is the essence of your brand?
And what is your target group like? Where do you want to grow?

Based on this, we develop unique communication solutions that create measurable added value for your brand. That's why we combine creative aesthetics with a deep understanding of your brand and your target audience to create a message that really catches the eye and captures hearts at the same time.


At DG Creative, our vision is to maximise the success of brands by providing our expertise in design and illustration. 

Our focus is on building long-term relationships between brands and customers by evoking emotions and creating a strong bond with the target audience through innovative visual concepts. We strive to make brands distinctive and sustain their impact through our creative approach and passion for design excellence.

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Illustration done for minds&heart.


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